Unlock Your E-Commerce Growth with Expert SEM

Boost Your Online Sales with Our Specialized SEO and Google Shopping Ads Strategies

Boost Your Online Sales with Our Specialized SEO and Google Shopping Ads Strategies

The Challenges You're Facing

In today's digital-first marketplace, e-commerce brands grapple with a multitude of hurdles that can impede their path to success. From the daunting task of cutting through digital noise to the complexities of navigating ever-evolving search engine algorithms, the journey to achieving online sales growth is fraught with challenges:

  • Visibility in a Saturated Market: With millions of e-commerce sites vying for attention, standing out becomes increasingly difficult. How can your brand rise above the competition and capture the attention of your target audience?

  • Converting Traffic into Sales: Driving traffic to your website is one thing; converting visitors into customers is another. Many e-commerce brands struggle to optimise their conversion rates, leaving significant revenue on the table.

  • Evolving SEO and Google Ads Landscape: The rules of SEO and Google Ads are constantly changing. Staying ahead of these changes requires expertise and constant vigilance, resources that many e-commerce brands may not have in-house.

  • Maximising ROI on Ad Spend: Ensuring that every penny of your ad spend is working hard for you is crucial. Many brands find it challenging to achieve an optimal balance between spend and return, particularly in highly competitive niches.

  • Data Overload: In the age of big data, e-commerce brands often find themselves drowning in analytics and metrics. Deciphering this data to make informed decisions can be overwhelming.

We've used The pursuit Agency  for our paid ads and SEO for the past 8 months and he helped us grow our revenue by over 100% in the first month. They are a joy to work with and a huge help!


How It Works

Search Engine optimisation

Our SEO services are tailored to meet your unique business goals, enhancing your website's visibility and organic reach. Starting from an indepth strategy, we plan and deliver on the next steps to drive ROI for your business. Including content creation, onpage optimisation, technical SEO and digital PR improvements, we elevate your brand in search rankings, attracting more relevant traffic and driving long-term success.

Google Shopping Ads

Leverage our expertise in Google Shopping campaigns, designed specifically for your business's unique needs. Our approach includes detailed feed optimisation to enhance product visibility and attract your ideal audience, leading to a better return on investment (ROI).



"I have no hesitation in recommending The Pursuit Agency for all your digital marketing needs, whether it is a one-off engagement or retaining a knowledgeable and easy-to-work-with extension to your marketing team."


How we solved this for one of our clients

Our client in the whisky industry embarked on digital advertising with a budget of £3,000 monthly but initially saw minimal returns. Realising the need for a strategic shift, they partnered with The Pursuit Agency in July 2023 to redefine their online marketing approach.


Strategic Solution: To balance immediate gains with long-term growth, The Pursuit Agency launched a Google Shopping campaign to coincide with the longer-term SEO strategy.  This was designed to enhance visibility and drive sales simultaneously.


Impactful Results: The decision to recalibrate their digital strategy yielded extraordinary results. Starting in June 2023, with modest sessions and revenue, our client witnessed a significant transformation.


By November 2023, during a Black Friday campaign, they saw an impressive 12 times increase in revenue per month.


They now continue to exceed £50,000 in revenue per month with the same ad spend!

Your Concerns, Addressed.

How quickly can I see results from SEO and PPC efforts?
PPC campaigns can deliver immediate traffic boosts, often within a week or two of campaign launch. SEO is a longer-term strategy, with significant results typically observed within 3 to 6 months, as it builds organic search presence gradually but sustainably.
Is investing in Google Shopping Ads worth it for my small e-commerce business?
Absolutely. Google Shopping Ads can significantly increase your product's visibility right at the moment potential customers are ready to buy, making it a valuable investment for e-commerce businesses of any size. The key is to optimise your ad spend and product feed to ensure a strong ROI.
Can SEO really make a difference in a highly competitive market?
Yes, it can. SEO helps your website stand out in search engine results by targeting specific keywords relevant to your products and audience. With a strategic SEO approach, even businesses in competitive markets can improve their visibility, attract more targeted traffic, and increase sales.
How much do I need to invest in PPC and SEO services?
Investment varies based on your business size, competition, and goals. For PPC, a minimum of £30 a day is recommended for ad spend, plus our fees. SEO investment is tailored to your specific needs but is designed for a strong ROI. We can discuss your budget and expectations to create a plan that works for you.
What if I'm not satisfied with the results?
Our goal is your satisfaction and business growth. We offer regular reporting, transparent communication, and strategic adjustments to ensure we're meeting your goals. If you're not seeing the results you expected, let's discuss how we can pivot or enhance our strategies.
Why should I choose your agency for SEO and PPC services?
Our agency specialises in e-commerce growth, combining in-depth industry knowledge with proven strategies in both SEO and PPC. Our dedicated, Google-certified professionals are committed to achieving outstanding results and providing personalised, effective solutions tailored to your business.

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