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When you need expert social media support in Swindon, The Pursuit Agency is here to assist. Whatever your business type, your goals and your target audience, our team of social media professionals can bring you the results you need.

Discover why we are a leading social media marketing agency in Swindon, Wiltshire, and beyond.

Why social media?

Quite simply, social media is where it's at - for consumer and business audiences alike. Yes, customers use different platforms, but this technology has a 90% penetration rate in the UK, driven by our smartphone usage, and over 57 million active UK users. The most popular app? Whatsapp, followed by Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram and LinkedIn for B2B markets. [1]

Quite simply, if you aren't maximising your social media channels as part of your marketing, you aren't doing everything you can to reach your customers and engage with them in a dynamic, immediate and compelling way. The best bit about social media? It's free to use (although various paid options for advertising are available), so businesses of all sizes, and with all budgets, can rapidly get to grips with social media marketing if they use the right skilled support.


What we do

We offer a full range of targeted social media marketing services across Swindon, Wiltshire and for clients across the UK. Our focus is on paid marketing services which can deliver tremendous benefits for clients if they are delivered and leveraged in the right way. These paid marketing services include:

Social media strategy development

Not sure where to begin with your social media marketing? Unsure about paid marketing and its value? Whatever stage of development your business digital marketing is at, we can take it further with our expert consultancy services. We will assess your digital presence and measure its effectiveness, develop clearly defined goals and make recommendations that allow you to see gains from your social media, fast, using a mix of paid marketing services and content management.

Our team of professionals are friendly, helpful and jargon-free. We know our stuff, but we also know how to explain digital marketing in terms that everyone understands! Our aim is to unlock the power of this superb marketing medium and to get your business leaders excited about its potential.

PPC campaigns

Great content works for your warm and engaged audience, but it does very little for 'cold customers' who won't be engaging with your brand on social media. So we use expert cold audience targeting methods such as PPC - Pay Per Click marketing to precisely target this audience. With the right PPC campaign, you can begin to bring new prospects or customers onboard and begin the engagement and marketing process quickly and effectively. The trick lies in setting up careful and precise PPC campaigns that are designed to target the right users in the right way. This means optimising a large number of variables within social media platforms and then managing the PPC campaign daily to assess the results and adjust the parameters as necessary. Our team takes care of the process and delivers results within time and budget!

Expert paid social media strategies

We also use strategies such as social media retargeting, which offers follow-up engagement with your brand as users travel across social media, and lead generation campaigns to find fresh and relevant leads for your business to pursue.

Basically, if it involves finding, engaging and converting social media users to business customers - we are here to make it happen!

Why choose The Pursuit Agency

We are a leading social media marketing agency in Swindon, Wiltshire and our team has tremendous experience in the complex and ever-growing field of social media marketing. We work with clients of all sizes and across all industries to provide them with meaningful results, which we evidence at all turns with a clear ROI. With the right help and support from our friendly and approachable team, you can easily see the results of your investment in paid social media marketing and grow your business.

Working with you, your way

What's more, our team is flexible and able to work in whichever way suits your business, whether you want to outsource your paid social media marketing entirely or let us work as a partner to your in-house marketing team. We are here to deliver you the results that you need, and we have many happy clients who have been delighted to recommend us, giving us a high degree of referral and repeat business!

Please get in touch

We're here to help your Swindon business to achieve social media success, whatever your current level of development in this vast and exciting field of digital marketing. Please contact us in the first instance to find out more and to discuss your unique needs. You can also request a callback at a time that suits you - we're here to work around you!

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We look forward to hearing from you and taking your business and brand to the next level with expert social media paid marketing services!


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