Your business IS NOT the same as anyone else! So why should your digital marketing strategy be a copy and pasted template! We are on hand to deliver what your business needs to get results!

We offer our clients a bespoke built strategy, to help your business be the credible resource in your industry with direct results on your bottom line.

From this strategy, we'll pull on varying digital marketing tactics that will make change to your business! 


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    Your success is our priority, no pointless tasks done to tick a quota! We're here to drive credible results for your business.

    How do you define your digital marketing strategy? What vision do you have of the process? Who do you trust to make that vision a reality, and why is it The Pursuit Agency?

    Most digital marketing agencies have generic templates that enable them to churn out marketing strategies at a seemingly fast pace. However, is that really what your company needs? At The Pursuit Agency, we understand your marketing needs are as unique as your brand, product, services, and customer engagement. Therefore, we only proceed with a marketing collaboration only if we both wish to build something special.

    How We Work With You

    We cater to your preferred level of engagement in digital marketing planning and execution:

    In our done-for-you model, we own and manage at least 90% of the strategy and delivery. Your involvement is minimal but nonetheless critical to the campaign's overall success.

    Our done-with-you model requires more of your input and engagement throughout the campaign. We research and build a strategy that includes monthly or quarterly reviews, enhancing the campaign and giving you clear guidance on its effectiveness and direction.

    Where We Are

    Our office is based in the Workshed, Swindon’s premiere business and industrial complex. We are close to the STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway and the Railway Village Historic England Area. Bristol, Oxford, Reading, and Bath are close neighbours, placing us strategically in the heart of England. We are readily available locally and digitally to help you transform your online presence and generate more profits.