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Standout social media marketing in Wiltshire can make a difference in the growth of your business. This calls for approaches to expand and engage your target audience, introduce custom visual content, and other community management tactics. Perhaps you want to build your brand persona through creative stories or a striking social media profile. Our experts in personal branding will optimise your content with organic social media strategies.

If you are looking for a social media marketing agency in Swindon, Wiltshire, you have come to the right place. At The Pursuit Agency, we help individuals and businesses market and manage their social media platforms.


Build a loyal audience the organic way

Organic seo marketing in Swindon is one of the best ways to increase loyal followers. It is cost-effective since you will post nonpaid content to promote your business. Luckily, we can help you uncover numerous free tools for sharing engaging memes, videos, photos, and stories on your pages.

With an estimated over 5 billion active social media users, it makes sense to consult an organic marketing agency in Swindon. We are your best solution if you struggle to strengthen connections with clients at scale. We believe that organic social advertising provides benefits that paid ads cannot. Here is what it can do for your business.

• Establish a community around our brand
• Share posts to a greater audience at zero cost
• Support customers by responding to their questions and concerns
• Share educative, entertaining, and shareable information
• Effectively communicate your brand values, aesthetics, goals, and personality
• Create an authority position for your business

Forget the Buy Now campaigns. Organic social reach earns you trust, allowing you to become a go-to solution in your niche. When you articulate who you really are to the correct prospects, they begin to engage with your business on their own terms. Organic reach is not a short-term game. You cannot determine its worth by the number of likes generated in one post. Its benefits will, however, gradually shape your brand and pay off in the long run.


Analyse your brand persona in depth

Building strong brand awareness on social media takes a lot of effort. Share your unique identity and expertise so passionately that it improves people's lives. Perhaps you're unsure where you excel and what aspects of your business provide added value. These are some of the things you need to figure out to succeed in building a brand persona on social media.

The Pursuit Agency is here to help you think deeply and guide your self-branding. Telling people that you are a top-liner financing company is not enough. You must narrow down your service and build a name around it. People want to know exactly what you offer: Is it personal loans, home equity loans, hire purchase credit, debt consolidation, equipment leasing, or consumer credit?

In addition to helping you design an online persona that resonates with your professional skills, we will show you how to complete your profile and keep your social media accounts up to date.


Comprehensive social media support

As one of Swindon's full-service social media agencies, we offer end-to-end support through creative assets and the latest trends. We understand that social marketing is not all about running ads. So, we guide our customers from day one till the end of a campaign.

Different social platforms have different interfaces. You need to maximise the potential of TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest posts. It would help if you had an expert with extensive know-how on the nuances of every site to produce measurable outcomes. And The Pursuit Agency will gladly do this for you.


Only a few marketing companies in Swindon focus on TikTok as a branding tool, yet the platform has proven to excel at organic viral content. It continues to override Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram in many ways. You can outdo competitors who seem to have dominated your industry in the past few years through special video effects, trending music, specialised algorithm, and original filters. All you need is creativity and a bit of trial-and-error. Remember, there are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to TikTok strategies. But a seasoned social media marketing agency in Wiltshire can help you maintain authenticity and reach specific demographics such as Gen Z and the female population.


Facebook recently changed the news feed algorithm so people can connect more instead of consuming media alone. This means your Facebook posts should trigger reactions and interactions. Comments have proven to be more valuable than likes. We recommend tailoring each post for specific reactions. A general post receives a mixture of positive and negative comments, but highly targeted content triggers specific reactions like haha, love, like, or anger. Therefore, you must elicit a particular reaction to gain more shares and comments.


So, you want to grow your Instagram account, but have you defined a viable strategy as a roadmap to your goals? People will follow your account if they think your content is exceptional. Your Instagram feed should be relevant to what you offer on other social media platforms. Talk to us if you think you need to improve your graphics or videos for InstaStories.


In terms of B2B advertising, LinkedIn leads the pack. But your content must reach the most appropriate audience. Our highly-trained LinkedIn experts will ensure that the target audience well receives your posts.


A targeted placement on Pinterest is becoming increasingly popular in reaching audiences. The Pursuit Agency can harness the potential of Pinterest for your venture to enhance brand visibility, gain valuable leads, improve conversions, and increase sales.


Tweets should include specific phrases so people can view your posts if they include those keywords. You can target specific prospects only if you do it the right way. Allow us to guide you on this.


Focus on customer service as we manage your social accounts

Are you stuck setting up a social media account for your new company? Our social media marketing agency in Swindon can create a profile that will be easily noticed in your niche. We employ monitoring tools to let you see how many times your company name is mentioned online. This way, you can know who talks about you and how to connect with them.

Don't stress about creating or publishing posts. We can lay out engaging posts in a content calendar for you to see what will be posted and when. Our competitive research allows us to see your competitors. We have a proven track record of pushing brands forward, so you can trust our advice on areas you need to improve. Working with us gives you a new perspective on reviewing metrics and performance in social media. Please take advantage of our insights to learn how to design a robust social media strategy.

Why are we different

The digital landscape is changing at an alarming rate. As an accomplished social media marketing company in Swindon, Wiltshire, we can affirm that no one-size-fits-all approach can drive results. The Pursuit Agency utilises audience-led and data-driven processes to help businesses attain their marketing goals. We tailor our recommendations to key customer bases and ensure they resonate with your brand image.

Don't work with just any marketing agency in Swindon. Partner with skilful professionals who take the time to listen and understand your long-term objectives. Here are reasons you should choose us.

• Extensive research and top-notch methodologies are at the core of our solutions
• We put our customers first
• We thrive in honesty and integrity
• We are not a typical agency for hire but a proactive marketing partner
• We've helped many businesses in Wilshire reach their full potential
• We communicate progress and present reports on time

We have everything you need to succeed on social media

Partner with a social media marketing agency that deploys the latest growth hacks on social platforms. To enquire about other digital advertising services, book a scheduled call or leave us a message at hey@thepursuitagency.com.


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