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Google Ads are a potent tool in the right hands. Our team of experts is ready and waiting to create a bespoke campaign tailored to your business’s needs and goals. So whether you’re looking at attracting local traffic from ‘near me’ searches or want to launch a national campaign, we’re here to ensure you get the best possible return on your investment.

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Why choose us as your PPC Agency?

We’re proud of our track record and the fact our clients can’t get enough of our PPC services. However, choosing the right PPC Agency can be tricky - will they be certified and have professional qualifications? Do they have all the leading software and tools in the industry? Are they aware of the latest Google updates and other relevant marketing trends?

When you choose to work with The Pursuit Agency, you can rest assured you’re partnered with a reliable PPC agency capable of driving results, improving your ROI, and working with you flexibly and committedly.

The Benefits Of Hiring A PPC Agency To Manage Your Ads

Aligning your campaigns

When it comes to Pay Per Click campaigns working with professionals comes with a lot of benefits. Firstly, you can depend on our campaigns to align your keywords with your landing pages and CTAs to ensure you have a high PPC quality score. This can be tough to achieve on your own if you don’t have our experience. Alignment is vital for success, as a high score will reduce your ad costs while improving your ad positioning and increasing your visibility.

Advanced Pay Per Click marketing tactics

You may have a working knowledge of how PPC ads work, but unless you dedicate yourself to running PPC ads and have that as your sole focus, you’re not going to have as much experience as a PPC Agency. In addition, keeping up to date with all the latest Google updates is a constant battle. The shifting tides of digital advertising are treacherous. If you’re not careful, you can be caught off-guard, as many people were in 2021 when the iOS update hit and their social media campaigns were suddenly worthless.

Those caught out by this - and other significant changes in the marketing landscape - are invariably those businesses trying to manage their advertising and marketing in-house without the aid of a dedicated PPC team.

Consistency and continuity

We love running PPC campaigns. It’s what we do. And we’re very good at it. That dedication and the fact we’re running and managing multiple campaigns for a wide range of clients means we can achieve far better consistency than you can alone. Practice makes perfect, after all. And with the best will in the world, if managing your company’s ads isn’t your zone of genius, you will have other stuff to do. So sometimes that will take priority, and where does that leave your PPC ads?

When you work with a great PPC Agency, you never have to worry if your ads have been checked on and updated or if new campaigns are rolling out on schedule. We’ll handle all that for you.

Self-sufficiency you can scale

Giving control over to an agency can be challenging for some business owners to wrap their heads around. They want to be independent and self-sufficient and often feel it would be better to hire someone to take care of it in-house. The problem with this is that great PPC specialists don’t come cheap. Hiring a PPC pro requires a sizeable budget. Add to that the issue of having a permanent member of staff when you may not have enough work for them to fill their hours if all they’re doing is managing your PPC campaigns.

Working with an agency is an easy solution. You retain your self-sufficiency, as we are still working for you and answering to you, but you don’t have the cost of recruiting and hiring a new employee. You can also scale the amount of work we do for you as needed. For example, you may have enough work for a full-time team member during busy periods and launches. But what about quiet periods, lulls, and times when you don’t want to actively run PPC campaigns? Your agency can be flexible in how many hours they spend on your account, ensuring you’re always in control.

Google Adwords & Pay per Click FAQs

1. What is a PPC Agency
We keep talking about the great benefits of working with a PPC agency, but what exactly is that? Simply put, PPC - or Pay Per Click - is a form of advertising that allows you to appear at the top of search results without relying on SEO to get you there. Instead, your ads are put in front of your chosen audience, and when someone clicks on one of them to view your page, you are charged. A PPC Agency is a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals who understand all the subtle nuances of making a campaign of this nature work.
2. Why do you need a PPC Agency
There are many reasons businesses need to work with an agency, but the main ones are time, money, and resources. Most businesses don’t want the expense and trouble of hiring a permanent PPC specialist. They may not need one, and the salary required for a good one is extremely high. Working with an agency gives you access to the same level of talent at a fraction of the cost. And that cost is fixed, predictable, and scalable as needed.
3. where are you based?
The Pursuit Agency is a PPC Agency in Swindon, Wiltshire, and happily serves businesses within Swindon, the surrounding areas, and throughout Wiltshire and the Country!